Welcome to PROSOCIAL

PROSOCIAL is an internet platform that can be used free of charge to help almost any group improve its performance. It provides a group with its own home page and a training course based on scientifically validated design principles. 
This is a public beta version, which means that it is available for use but is likely to have a few wrinkles that need to be ironed out before the official public release. As long as you don’t mind the wrinkles, you are welcome to get started by taking the following steps: 

1) View the introductory video below. 

2) Click “About PROSOCIAL” and other links in the Explore box to learn more.

3) Click the "Sign up” button to get started.

Your participation during the beta testing stage will be especially helpful for us to identify and iron out the wrinkles. Use the Contact us form (there is a link in the footer, too) to let us know about issues you encounter, or improvements you would like to see. We will quickly respond to your messages.

Welcome to PROSOCIAL!

Explore how to create more effective working relationships
as a group!

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